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Easy IPA

ABV  4.5%   IBU  30

A sessionable IPA. Bold tropical & citrus flavours. Brewed for the hop lover and enjoyed by the novice craft beer drinkers.

Chocolate Imperial Stout

ABV  9%   IBU  50

Rich and complex, its chocolate and roast flavours are combined with subtle raisin and coffee notes for a intense flavour package. Brewed with chocolate from Kelowna’s Knights Fine Chocolates.


ABV  6.8%   IBU  60

Malt meets hops. A big bold malty backbone balanced by an explosion of hop flavour and aroma.

Blonde Ale

ABV  4.3%   IBU  15

Clean, light, and subtle. This balanced blonde is perfect for your hot sunny day on the golf course, or a backyard BBQ with friends.

Rosenheim Hefeweizen

ABV  4.8%   IBU  15

A traditional Bavarian favourite! This unfiltered wheat beer is soft on the palate and finishes with classic banana character.

Amber Ale

ABV  5.0%   IBU  20

A traditional amber ale, with rich maltiness, notes of caramel & dates, and finished with clean English yeast.

Hazy IPA

ABV  6.0%   IBU  30

If you’re looking for a clear beer, this is not it. This IPA packs a punch with silky smooth body and low bitterness for easy drinking.

Gingerbread Cookie Ale

ABV  5.7%   IBU  25

This full bodied brown ale was brewed with molasses, fresh ground ginger and a blend of spices to warm you on these brisk seasonal days and nights.


ABV  5.5%   IBU  30

This dark ale gets its layers of chocolate and coffee and it’s color from the generous amount of chocolate malt added during the brewing process.

Black IPA

ABV  7.0%   IBU  60

Brewed with lots of love, this unique style was brewed to have a mosaic of flavors that will take you out of this galaxy!

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