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ABV, IBU, Hops

Our most asked question – What is the difference between ABV, IBU and Hops? So, we’ve broken it down for you!

ABV – Measurement of Alcohol by Volume

ABV is used to measure the alcohol content in your beverage. Beers typically fall between 3.0 to 13.0 ABV. The ABV is determined by taking before and after measurements of your sugar solutions. 

IBU – International Bitter Unit

IBU is the gauge of a beer’s bitterness and measures the parts per million of isohumuloneIsohumulone is the acid found in hops that gives beer its bitter bite. So the higher the IBU the more bitterness and vice versa. One thing to note is that other flavours added to the beer throughout the process can mask the intensity of the bitterness.

Hops – Flowers of the Female Hop Plant

Hops are the raw material that provdes the isohumulone. They are used during the brewing process to add bitterness, flavour and aroma compounds to your beer. They also have anti-bacterial properties to help preserve the beer.  

Ready for Drinking!

Check below to see what we currently have on tap for sipping. Our last beers of 2019 were just released! Come down and order a pint of our Gingerbread Cookie Ale, the Porter or our Black IPA. We might be biased, but all of them are pretty great!


We’re Brewing!

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Our 6-Packs are ready!

Head to our beer and merchandise page to snag a 6-pack of Hazy IPA and Blonde Ale.

Blonde Ale

ABV  7.3%   IBU  27

This imperial brown ale is brewed with generous amount of sweet potato to give a full body and a silky finish.


Blonde Ale

ABV  4.3%   IBU  15

Clean, light, and subtle. This balanced blonde is perfect for your hot sunny day on the golf course, or a backyard BBQ with friends.

Hazy IPA

ABV  6.0%   IBU  30

If you’re looking for a clear beer, this is not it. This IPA packs a punch with silky smooth body and low bitterness for easy drinking.

Amber Ale

ABV  5.0%   IBU  20

A traditional amber ale, with rich maltiness, notes of caramel & dates, and finished with clean English yeast.

Gingerbread Cookie Ale

ABV  5.7%   IBU  25

This full bodied brown ale was brewed with molasses, fresh ground ginger and a blend of spices to warm you on these brisk seasonal days and nights.


ABV  5.5%   IBU  30

This dark ale gets its layers of chocolate and coffee and it’s color from the generous amount of chocolate malt added during the brewing process.

Black IPA

ABV  7.0%   IBU  60

Brewed with lots of love, this unique style was brewed to have a mosaic of flavors that will take you out of this galaxy!


ABV  4.8%   IBU  15

This German style dark wheat ale was brewed with traditional European ingredients to give it those classic banana notes and rich maltiness.


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