Our Philosophy

There’s not that much to it, we just like fishing and quality craft beer.

There’s an incredible feeling to the Okanagan that comes from both our surroundings and our community. We are a blend of nature and city, orchards and beaches, patios and campfires, creating that one and only Okanagan vibe. 

That same vibe is distilled into the beers we craft and the space we invite you to enjoy. Rustic Reel Brewing Co. channels that essence of the Okanagan lifestyle into a place that feels like home, with beers that call to mind those distinct memories of what it means to be here. Built on a foundation of inclusion, we foster a community while producing craft beers that are truly symbolic of our great valley. 

Settle in and have a sleeve. 

Meet Susi

She started Rustic Reel to recreate the carefree spirit of log cabin living while producing beer that compliments that lifestyle. A true “one woman show”, Susi has built Rustic Reel from the ground up herself. Now she takes pride in bringing out the best of the Okanagan to keep it alive and thriving. 

You’ll find her here most days, taking part in the process of beermaking, serving, and laughing away with our patrons. Come by and say hi, she’s an open book and always excited to share her craft with you.

Our Brewery

Our front of house, where friends and family come to unwind and take a load off. Share a pitcher, fill a growler, or just appreciate our rural lodge without driving to the boonies. 

The Tackle Box Local Market

The Tackle Box houses local goods, eats, and everything else you need to experience the Okanagan in full. 

Show off your Rustic Side

Check out our Featured Products below! To view all of the Rustic Reel Merchandise, check out our shop page.