The Tackle Box is our home for all things Okanagan. We expect you’ll be popping in for beer… That said, we’ve also got a treasure trove of local goods waiting for you to explore in our neighbouring shop!


Here’s a list of the mainstays, but you’ll have to come in to check out what’s hot.

Taste of the Okanagan

Specialty Foods

Working with Taste of the Okanagan, Rustic Reel is creating menu items that combine comfort, flavor, and produce found in the Okanagan. Our Marketplace will have a variety of their specialty products available for purchasing.

Luna Negra Designs

Handcrafted Jewellery

Vancouver artist Vanessa Bogaert has created a line of “brewery jewelry”, inspired to adorn those who love craft beer and cider as much as she does. Her unique, lovingly handmade items come together through lost wax casting, soldering, beading, and leatherwork. Come find her hop-beaded bracelets, beer tap pendants, and some one-of-a-kind reel designs in store!

Bliss Bar Soaping Co.

Handcrafted Soap

This Okanagan-based company makes a variety of handcrafted luxury artisan soaps and has created a line of hops and beer soaps for Rustic Reel Brewing Company. We hope the “soap on a rope” version will bring nostalgic feelings and memories back. It reminds us of the soap our grandpa used to buy.

Rustic Reel Picnic Packs

Specialty Foods

Come in to the Tackle Box to stock up for your snacking needs. Create your own tackle box picnic pack by filling it with your choice of cheese, meat, crackers, spread, and beer.

It’s the perfect companion for an Okanagan afternoon!

Clothing and Baseball Hats

While not necessarily made in the Okanagan, our merchandise items are branded with our logos and designs by none other than Edge Apparel and Imprints, an amazing family-run company in Vernon.  We’ve been able to work very closely together with this company to bring you apparel that looks great and has comfort and quality backing the look as well.  We hope you’ll love the clothing just as much as we do!