#001 - Rum Raisin Vanilla Porter (5.5% ABV / 30 IBU)

As you lift the glass to your lips, the aroma of roasted malt, hints of oak from Rum barrels, and the sweet allure of vanilla create a delightful bouquet.

The first sip reveals the deep, roasted malt backbone of the Porter, which gives way to the subtle sweetness of Sultana raisins.

Why Small Batch Brews??

During the downtime of the late fall and winter, as the world outside dons its frosty cloak, our brew team gathers around the kettle and stokes the fires of creativity. Small-batch brewing becomes more than a process- it transforms into a ritual of crafting liquid poetry, an ode to the artistry that lies within the fusion of malt, hops, and the dreams that dance in the minds of those who dare to brew.

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